• Impeccable quality of STARMEDIX products which is the result of the intensive research and development process has proved itself over and over in the past decade. All STARMEDIX products are manufactured in USA under strict supervision of our Quality Management Team. Our 15 years of experience in surgical disposables industry and dedication to excellence in every aspect simply guaranty your satisfaction.


  • STARMEDIX has been registered in two major regulating organizations - CE and ISO while FDA is on the way.


  • The combination of the ultimate quality thread and needles manufactured from the top quality stainless steel alloys ranging between Class 302 to Class 455 with our unique experience in manufacturing allows us to provide the superb quality STARMEDIX Sutures. STARMEDIX Absorbable and Non-Absorbable Surgical Sutures are available in Catgut, Catgut Chromic, Polyglactin 910, Polyglactin 910 Rapid, Polyglycolic Acid, Polyglycolic Acid Rapid, Poliglecapron 25, Polydioxanone, Silk, Nylon, Polypropylene and Stainless Steel.

  • STARMEDIX Advanced Wound Management Products which are the pure outcome of years of experience in rigorous clinical research contain several types of dressings and a special type of hemostatic agent. The available products in this category are Medical Hydrogel Dressing, Foam Dressing, Alginate Dressing and Absorbable Hemostatic Gauze.
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